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Substance Abuse in Oregon

Oregon is used as a point for shipping drugs to Washington state and Canada. It also a producer of a large amount of marijuana and meth.

  • Cocaine: Oregon does not have a significant problem with cocaine. Drugs like heroin and meth are preferred to cocaine in the state.
  • Heroin: Heroin is one of the more popular drugs in Oregon, with most of the drug available in the state being either Mexican black tar or brown heroin. Mexican organizations use a wide array of methods to smuggle black tar heroin into the state.
  • Meth: Meth is one of the most commonly used drugs in Oregon. It is widely available in the state and multi-pound quantities of the drug are not hard to come by. Meth is generally produced in state using hidden labs.
  • Club Drugs: Club drugs are available in the state, and it is common for law enforcement agencies to make seizures of Ecstasy that are measured in kilograms. They are most commonly found on college campuses and in the larger cities of the state.
  • Marijuana: Marijuana is easily found in Oregon with much of it cultivated near Portland. As of 1999 medical marijuana use has been legalized by voter initiative.

Substance Abuse Statistics

  • Gender Breakdown of Admissions: Statistics provided by Oregon treatment centers indicate that 69.3 percent of all admissions into drug treatment programs are by men. The remaining 30.7 percent of admissions into treatment centers are by women.
  • Admissions Involving Alcohol: 34.5 percent of all admissions into Oregon treatment centers involve alcoholism. An additional 19.8 percent of admissions have to do with alcoholism paired with another substance abuse issue such as marijuana or cocaine.
  • Admissions Involving Cocaine: According to statistics provided by treatment centers in Oregon, 2.1 percent of admissions are due to smoked cocaine abuse, and an additional 0.8 percent of admissions relate to cocaine taken by other means.
  • Admissions Involving Marijuana: 15.4 percent of all admissions into treatment facilities in Oregon have to do with the buse of marijuana.
  • Admissions Involving Other Drugs: 8.2 percent of admissions are due to heroin addiction, and 16.9 percent of admissions are due to methamphetamine addiction. Heroin and methamphetamine addiction is more serious and prevalent a problem in Oregon as compared to many other states and the national average.

Detox and Withdrawal

Many people attempt to overcome substance abuse on their own. Unfortunately, the most common way of attempting this is to simply quit taking the drug entirely, cold turkey. The problem with quitting cold turkey is a process known as withdrawal. When you are addicted to and abusing a substance, your body becomes accustomed to it and develops a tolerance for it. When you are dependent on a drug and suddenly stop taking it, the result is known as withdrawal. Although the withdrawal process is not typically harmful or deadly, it can be extremely uncomfortable while you are going through it and this can drive many people into relapse.

Withdrawal symptoms can vary significantly based on several things:
  • The type of drug or substance that you are abusing,
  • How long you have been abusing the substance,
  • In what quantity you have been abusing the substance,
  • Whether you quit cold turkey or weaned yourself down,
  • Your general health.

Some people experience withdrawal for a few days while others experience it for several weeks. Because withdrawal can be so difficult to deal with, many people who quit taking a drug end up taking it again just to feel better. For this reason, it is vitally essential to stop trying to quit the drug on your own and get real, professional help instead. The right help is available to you in the form of Oregon treatment centers, and these treatment centers in Oregon are designed to provide you with all of the help, support and guidance that you need to really and truly overcome your addiction once and for all.

There are two parts to every addiction recovery process, the detox and the rehabilitation. The detox process comes first, and is the part of the process where you remove the drug from your system completely and effectively. This is the part of the process where withdrawal can become a problem. By going through a real medical detox, however, you can go through the detox process smoothly and the withdrawal symptoms will be treated as they come and taken care of entirely.

The second part of the process is just as important. Recovery and rehabilitation focuses on developing healthy new habits and healthy new lifestyle choices to avoid relapse and re occurrence of your drug problem in the future. There are many different types of rehab that you can go through, including a wide variety of different types of counseling and therapy. This means that you can spend some real time working on healing your mind and your emotions in order to prevent a relapse from occurring in the future.

Treating Substance Abuse

Treating substance abuse is entirely possible when you have help from Oregon treatment centers. There are many different types of Oregon treatment programs to choose from, each offered by different Oregon treatment facilities. When you want to overcome your addiction or substance abuse problem, the first thing that you are going to need to do is to determine what your individual recovery needs are. Here are three of the things that you want to consider during this process to help you make the right decisions about your recovery:

  • Is outpatient care or inpatient care going to meet your needs in the best possible way? Outpatient care means that you come and go as you please, as long as you arrive at therapy when you are supposed to be there. Inpatient care, on the other hand, requires that you live on the premises and devote 24/7 to your recovery until you are healed. Which of these types of therapy is going to meet your needs in the most effective way? Make sure that you consider the benefits and drawbacks of both before proceeding.
  • Another consideration that you need to make is whether you need long term care or short term care in order to overcome your substance abuse problem. Oregon treatment centers will provide you with both types of care, but you need to make sure that you are choosing the right one to meet your needs. Longer term programs tend to be ideal for serious substance abuse problems or situations where you have tried in the past to quit but have failed to do so.
  • After researching the types of substance abuse treatment methods that are out there, have you found that there are options that you feel will be especially effective for you? The treatment centers in Oregon offer a wide array of treatment options with each one using its own unique blend of methods. It is important that when you research the treatment facilities available in Oregon that you concentrate only on the facilities that offer the solutions that you want.

Oregon Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Opportunities

There are clearly a number of different decisions that you are going to need to make when choosing Oregon treatment centers. When selecting which treatment centers in Oregon are going to meet your needs in the best possible manner, consider that there are many different types and styles of treatment facilities in Oregon and each will be unique in the offering that it delivers.

  • In the state of Oregon, 53 percent of treatment centers are private, for-profit treatment centers.
  • 27 percent of Oregon treatment centers are private not for profit facilities.
  • 15 percent of Oregon treatment centers are operated by the local government.
  • Less than one percent of treatment centers in Oregon are operated by the state government.
  • One percent of Oregon drug treatment centers are operated by the federal government.
  • Finally, six percent of treatment programs in Oregon are operated by other groups such as Indian health services, the Department of Defense and Veteranís Affairs.

The best thing that you can do is to begin with a lengthy list of Oregon treatment centers to choose from. Narrow this list down gradually by researching each of the options on the list and removing the ones that are not going to meet your immediate or long term substance abuse recovery needs. As you narrow down your list further and further, it should become apparent to you which Oregon treatment centers are going to meet your needs in the best way. This will allow you to make good decisions about your recovery.

Today is the day for you to begin making educated decisions about your recovery from substance abuse. The help that you need is available for you to take advantage of but only if you are willing to put some time and effort into making the right decisions about the process you are going into.

Call 1-888-565-6401 for addiction help and recovery assistance in Oregon 24 hours a day.

Local Oregon Support Hotlines
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